WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

April 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s about time all the men in top corporate businesses take a seat—there’s a new wave of power figures approaching, and they’re turning heads not just because of their stunning style. While it’s true that men in the business world are still the big kids on the block, there is no doubt that there will come a day where more women will rise to the top. For now, powerful women like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook) and let’s not forget Beyoncé, continue to have a positive influence on girls and women everywhere who aspire to leave an impact on the world.

It’s also not a surprise that your appearance is a huge factor in your reputation and your confidence. This Fashionista exudes an attitude of complete fearlessness; maybe it’s the heels, maybe it’s the rockin’ blazer or maybe it’s the power in her stance. Without saying one word, she can walk into a room and her look will automatically say something for her. In this case, the words that came into my mind were powerful, bold and confident.

One way to get this presentation ready look is to either have one standout piece or to look as cohesive as possible. For this Fashionista, she went with something that matched her personality: a bright and bold blazer. True, you could never go wrong with black or navy in a professional setting (sometimes it might even be better for interviews!), but since it is spring, we can take the liberty to have some fun! Step out of your comfort zone and wow your peers with a blazer with bold print or a bright color. If you prefer to go the more conservative and sleek route, you could go with a cohesive black monochromatic look with a clean and simple black blazer.

Heels are not a necessity to pull off this look (especially if you can’t stand them—or stand in them for that matter!), but adding that extra height could definitely amp up your confidence and that would make your presentation much more impressive! Take a chance and go with it, you can’t reach success without taking some risks along the way!

 One Simple Change: Killed the presentation and think you deserve some fun after all that work? Switch out the blazer with a fierce leather jacket and kick it with your girls for a night out!