WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

April 13th, 2015 at 3:11pm

You landed your dream internship this semester (go you!) but you have to give a big presentation to the bosses. How professional you look can really change the way future employers look at you. So, Fashionistas/os don’t get lazy. Big presentations can be so stressful, but don’t let your outfit get disorganized (no matter how many all-nighters you pulled). Make sure it’s clean cut and simple, so they can focus on your awesome work!

This Fashionisto has accomplished the clean-cut, business professional outfit. All eyes will be on him as he gives his (hopefully) rocking presentation. When giving a presentation, you want an outfit that is simple so that people will be focused on the information rather than your look. That being said, who says we can’t have a little fun in the office or the classroom? This outfit looks chic, with the collared sweater layering the button-down, as he dresses for the weather. The sweater is just casual enough for class and can be removed when the presentation begins. The slim black tie slips under the sweater and between the collar easily. This Fashionisto mastered the everyday skinny-tie look. As one would say, you can never be overdressed! His choice of slim-cut black jeans look like slacks but with a more modern vibe.

The whole ensemble is very modern day, businessman-chic. When this guy walks around campus, his black boots, with a hint of suede, are ready for the elements and the presentation. They look good but also serve a purpose as he busily walks (or runs) to class. With a look like this Fashionisto, any presentation is possible.

One Simple Change: When your presentation runs late and you don’t have time to run home before a date, slip off the sweater and slip on this leather jacket. It’ll give you a mysterious, bad-boy look.