WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

Here’s a scenario that I’m pretty sure one too many a college student can relate to: you’ve worked many sleepless nights on a project that’s worth a significant part of your grade, and all that’s left is to present your project to the class. The problem? You need to look the part of serious student, all the while trying to be comfortable enough to attend the rest of your classes. Fear not, fellow style maven! This week’s Fashionista provides an ideal example of an ensemble that is not only easy to replicate and coordinate, but gives you the air of sophistication (while wearing jeans, at that!) that’s expected of a student ready to ace their presentation!

For professional attire, it’s best to stick to neutrals. This Fashionista wears a basic white linen dress shirt, black tank top and dark-hued denim that she dresses up with accessories. For years, I loathed the mere thought of having to one day wear professional attire daily, because I didn’t see room for creativity or for my personality to show. How wrong was I to think that, because it is for that very reason that accessories and makeup exist!

This Fashionista knows that in a professional environment, accessories and makeup must be worn strategically and sparingly. She chose to keep it down to a basic pair of hoops, an attention grabbing choker style necklace and a bold pink pout. Considering the neutrals of her ensemble, picking accessories in bright pastels and neon shades provide that extra oomph that elevate this outfit from boring, to having some totally eclectic vibes that don’t take away from the overall maturity of the clothes.

If you want a similarly nice shade of lipstick, I find this the perfect opportunity to encourage everyone to support the MAC efforts towards HIV/AIDS by purchasing any shade of their VIVA GLAM Lipstick or Lipglass. Every cent of your purchase will go towards helping people of all ages living with and or affected by HIV/AIDS. In recent months, Miley Cyrus released her collaboration with VIVA GLAM, debuting a lipstick shade very similar to the one our Fashionista is wearing!

How does this outfit transition from presentation to campus comfort? The answer lies in the bag and boots. Our Fashionista chooses a neutral brown for both, in a style that coordinates well with the business casual style of her outfit. You’re not taking your bag up with you while you present, and if you do desire heels, you have plenty of room to store a change of shoes!

One Simple Change: Although this outfit is pretty sophisticated as is, potential internships or employers may not find it appropriate attire to wear jeans (as dark as they may be) or knee-high boots to an interview. Land that position with style and grace (and a touch of menswear) by switching it up to some dress pants and some eye-catching pumps that will definitely keep you at the top of their lists!