WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

When you’re preparing for that big presentation, the last thing you want to worry about is what you’ll wear. However, how you dress yourself might be one of the most important components. Packing a powerful punch by presenting the whole package of intelligence and style will render a positive response—it’s scientifically proven.

It is important to strike a balance between formality and personality when choosing the perfect presentation outfit. This Fashionista gives us a complete picture of what this middle ground looks like. By wearing a fun, floral-patterned dress, she is reflecting a bright and warm personality. A dress with a modest neckline and an appropriate length will give off an air of professionalism. If it happens to be a more formal presentation, try a sleeker, chic color-block dress to totally blow them away. A classic cardigan in a fun color will tie the look together and prevent the chills from taking over. Most of all, wear something that you feel confident and comfortable in. You don’t want to be thrown off by your dress riding up in the back or an itchy tag violating your thoughts.

A simple bootie will add a touch of ease when heels are just too much. A killer handbag will leave your peers and superiors style struck to the point where they will have to give you all the praise. You are a strong, professional woman who knows what she wants and has something important to say. You want your clothes to reflect that.

One Simple Change: Need to kick up the formality for an interview instead? Trade out the booties for a small heel and the cardigan for a tailored blazer.