WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

Presentations are not my thing. Standing in front of a room of people my age either highly alert or hardly staying awake is intimidating. Not to mention, there is a professor grading my every word and tallying off every time I make eye contact with the audience. Who exactly are you supposed to look at? Where are your hands supposed to go?

One thing that should not be a source of insecurity and stress during a presentation is your outfit. This week’s Fashionista created an outfit around a blazer that would work perfectly for a presentation. The shape of the blazer made it formal. By pairing it with leggings, it became suitable for class.

I loved the unexpected details on the blazer. The lining inside the blazer was blue with little white polka-dots, which this Fashionista revealed by rolling up the sleeves. The suede elbow patches and the plaid print, reminiscent of a school uniform, gave off a retro feel.

To keep the attention on the blazer, this Fashionista chose a simple white T-shirt to layer underneath the jacket. A small gold pendant necklace added interest and played off of the warm tones in the elbow patches and the brown buttons. For shoes, a pair of knee-high boots looked classy, but because they were flat, they were practical for getting around campus to classes all day.

With a comfortable but chic outfit like this Fashionista’s, all you will have to worry about is making sure your note cards are in the correct order.

One Simple Change: Heading to the gym to work off all of the anxiety from your presentation? Replace the blazer and T-shirt with a tank top and bring some trainers with you, and you are all set!