WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

Now that we’re all halfway done with the semester, it’s time to show what you’ve been working on. Yep, I said it, projects and presentations are coming up! It’s time to start making those projects look organized and presentable. That is important, since it’s for a grade, but it is easy to forget about your own self-image. What you wear to a presentation is just as important as the project you’re going to demonstrate. So, don’t you dare present in class in sweatpants! Look at this Fashionisto and how he totally nailed the presentation look.

Just because you have a formal presentation to give doesn’t mean you have to get an expensive suit. Look for proper items in your closet and put them together. This Fashionisto found professional clothes in his closet and paired them up quite nicely. As you can see, he’s not wearing a full professional suit but he gives the illusion that he is wearing one. He paired up a fancy looking white and blue vertical striped button-up shirt with a navy blue corduroy tie all tucked inside a light beige blazer. He paired all of this with a pair of dark navy blue slacks, which couples quite nicely with the tie. All of this ties well together with his navy blue socks and reddish-brown loafers. What really makes this Fashionisto’s look standout are his circle rim sunglasses, which says a lot about his cool personality. Although it was sunny this day, it was still a bit chilly to walk outside so he wore a black peacoat with anchor details on each button.

You don’t want to show just how much time you dedicated to your project. Cleaning up and dressing appropriately will disguise all those nights of no sleep. Get inspiration from this Fashionisto’s outfit and you’ll be looking well polished for your next presentation!

One Simple Change: Do you have an interview right after the presentation? Change the beige blazer to a more serious looking one. Try a navy blue or black blazer that will surely mean business.