WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

Standing up in front of the class (especially on a huge campus like Penn State) can be stressful in itself. Once you add in the factor of choosing what to wear for a presentation, you may go into a panic. Don’t freak out just yet, ladies, this Fashionista shows us how to earn an “A” in style and conquer half of the battle.

For class presentations, going full-on formal is usually not necessary. When you step in front of your peers, you want to look just as put together as your work without overdressing. Keeping your look business casual allows you to transition from your presentation to other classes and errands in a breeze. This Fashionista brings in the formal elements of her outfit with her classic black blazer and white blouse. The blazer is streamlined and appropriate for any business occasion, while the draped detail of the top adds a feminine and stylish twist to the look. Her jeans are the perfect combination of class and color. The sky blue hue is a perfect transition into spring, and the untraditional color of the jeans increases the chic factor. She rocks a pair of brown booties with gold buckles that add metallic detail and tie in the overall neutral palette of her ensemble.

As the semester progresses and you find yourself stressing over grades and glamour, take notes on this Fashionista’s outfit. Mixing formal pieces with casual favorites works perfectly for more low-key assignments, and adding pops of color celebrate your personal style. All you will need to worry about is making sure your classmates do not get too distracted from your presentation by your ridiculously fabulous outfit.

One Simple Change: Are you finally done with your assignment and want to celebrate your accomplishment with your friends? Take your look from day to night by swapping out the blouse for a nude bodysuit. Throw on a pair of black strappy heels, and you’re out the door.