WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

Now that the end of the year is quickly approaching, it seems like the schoolwork is piling on. From papers to presentations, sometimes it feels like the workload will never stop. Try to make the most of it by not only dressing up for class, but also by having fun finding a fantastic outfit for your next presentation. When you are presenting in front of the class and your professor, you definitely want to dress to the nines.

I saw this Fashionista in class after a presentation and I was thoroughly impressed with her outfit choice. Her overall style appeared professional and stylish at the same time. So many times you see the same black suit and pants from Fashionistas/os. I encourage you to add your own flair even when you have a business casual event. Presentations don’t have to be boring, and neither does the attire for them. This Fashionista’s gray blazer stood out perfectly when paired with her beige shirt. The sparkle on her tank top adds a touch of femininity and the right amount of sparkle. If you haven’t worn a sequin shirt yet, the time is now.

When dressing professionally, don’t think black is the only color available. Some of the sharpest suit pieces appear in navy and gray. Check out this trendy oversized gray blazer from Forever 21. Her Mary Jane-inspired heels are another great addition for a professional look. Amazon has a similar style in multiple colors.

One Simple Change: These same pieces could be worn out for a date night look. Add a black simple skirt and higher heels for a prettier appearance.