WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

College is known to be fun, but sometimes we forget that we aren’t just here for the lifelong friends and days at the beach. We’re all here in the hopes that when we walk across that stage on graduation day, we’ll have a job waiting for us that Monday morning. But that comes with a lot of hard work.

As part of that hard work, there will come a time in every student’s college career that you must give a presentation and unfortunately you just might have to trade your regular class ensemble of yoga pants and T-shirts for a little business dress.

This Fashionista came up with the perfect business casual outfit and is dressed to impress. With a modest white, sleeveless blouse and blue capris, she sticks with neutral colors and no prints to keep the focus on her presentation rather than her outfit. Close toed shoes are also a must for business presentations, but this Fashionista threw on these adorable little black heels that are still comfy enough to stand for longer periods of time.

While accessories aren’t necessarily important when it comes to professional dress, this Fashionista focused on all the right details to make her outfit go the extra mile. With a belt that matched the shoes, all silver jewelry, light makeup and her hair pulled back, she proves she has master business casual and is ready to give an A plue presentation.

Keep this Fashionista in mind next time you’re planning your outfit for that next speech and you’ll be sure to impress your professors, classmates and maybe even potential future employers!

One Simple Change: In need of a more interview ready look, instead? Throw on a structured blazer and you’re good to go! Try a more neutral color to avoid taking the interest of your viewers from what you have to say.