WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

As the year is starting to wind down and classes are wrapping up, students are starting to give presentations on their semester’s work. Presentations can be nerve-wracking, but as the saying goes “dress well, test well.” I believe the same goes to presentations. Feeling confident about your looks will help soothe some extra nerves while giving a demonstration.

This Fashionista had the perfect ensemble for a presentation. With a white sweater and jeans, blue collared button-down, brown suede boots and a few accessories, this outfit is simple yet perfect to look sharp during a presentation.

The first thing that caught my eye was her neutral, but mostly white color scheme. I love how she wasn’t afraid to wear one solid color and that she could make it work! Be careful when trying this because often times shades are slightly different and don’t pair together nicely. This all-white look is especially great for the spring season and makes one look approachable among an audience.

By pairing a collared shirt with a sweater this Fashionista immediately transformed a casual look into a more professional looking one. Her brown boots and headband add just enough contrast where it doesn’t take attention away from the rest of her outfit.

Finally, her ring, pearl earrings, necklace and Marc Jacobs watch add a playful and even more feminine touch to her overall outfit.

One Simple Change: Desperately needing an outfit for an interview? Switch your sweater out for a blazer and you will be ready to go!