WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

On one hand, the difference between business professional and business casual attire is as clear as the distinction between a pair of flats and a pair of heels. But the problem lies within confusion over the definition of business casual—is it possible to truly have a laid back look that is also professional? The simple answer is yes, but the solution to achieving a business-casual look is all in the execution.

Business professional wear is notably classic, typically categorized by pieces such as tailored blazers, black pencil skirts and fierce point-toed heels. Business casual is inspired by the timeless silhouettes of business professional. For example, business casual includes jackets or sweaters that are tailored like blazers yet do not have a collar and may vary in length. Oftentimes, pencil skirts are substituted for a more functional pair of pants, where nearly all colors and materials are welcome with the exception of denim. Pointy-toes can be swapped for something that is more round and when in need of something a bit more dressy, your entire look can be fancied by adding a bit of sparkle with jewelry.

Business casual is certainly an ideal look when giving a presentation. It is a stylish way to give the entire room an easy going vibe while appearing put-together and professional to your audience. Among the infamous exams of finals week, final presentations also play a major role in the academics of the end of the semester. I spotted this Fashionista leaving class after wrapping up a big presentation. She nailed the business casual style beginning with her long jacket. It is a style that follows the lines of a blazer and is influenced by the longer length duster jacket. which is very on-trend this spring season. Her yellow pants maintained the chic qualities of this business casual look, while the bright hue proved to be a perfect match to the gray-scale elements of her jacket and top. Finally, a flower necklace paired well with the sweetness and authenticity of this Fashionista’s yellow pants, gold and diamond bracelets were a flashy touch and a complementing gold watch polished off her professional style.

One Simple Change: After spending hours preparing for these final presentations, a celebration certainly seems appropriate, and what better way to celebrate than by going to brunch? Go straight from your final presentation to brunch with friends in this outfit by removing the long jacket for a simpler look. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even top off your brunch ensemble with a funky hat such as a fedora to make it uniquely your own.