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WHAT TO WEAR: Prep for Spring

WHAT TO WEAR: Prep for Spring

If you know anything about southern Illinois weather, you know that it can go from a cool 30 degrees to a sunny 72 degrees within a day. How does one prepare themselves for these weather changes? The answer is quite simple: transition looks! A transition look combines styles from the current fashion season with styles from the upcoming one. Luckily, the SIU campus is full of Fashionistas and Fashionistos that totally rock transition looks!

This Fashionista combined the colors of spring with a winter stripe trend, and it resulted in a cool and subtle preppy look. She took olive green skinny jeans and paired it with a bubblegum colored collared button-up. A light wash denim button-up, a pair of cool-girl sunglasses, and a pair of moccasins added a relaxed vibe, perfect for heading to the library or going to get coffee with a friend.

The color scheme is probably my favorite part about this look. The pastels mixed with the browns and olive green create such a sensational outfit. I think this look is a prime example of mixing warm and cool weather. Her turquoise Tiffany & Co. necklace isn’t a bad addition either!

The extra layer from the denim button-up allows this Fashionista the ability to react along with the weather. If she gets a little warm in class, she can tie the denim shirt around her waist. Once she gets back outside to the semi-breezy southern Illinois weather, she can put her denim shirt back on. Transition looks are all about versatility, while still remaining current and stylish. This Fashionista totally rocked it!