WHAT TO WEAR: Pop, Lock, and Work It

March 13th, 2017 at 2:00am

Let’s face it, working out and college do not mix very well. Now a day it’s almost impossible to maintain school work, a social life, and being healthy all at the same time. I know, Shameless is calling your name on Netflix along with that bag of popcorn. But with spring break right around the corner, the beach bod is on everyone’s mind.

While I was visiting the swamp I came across this trendy Fashionista getting her workout in. This Fashionista makes working out fun instead of a chore and has a keen eye for looking trendy while doing it. That saying, “If you look good, you feel good,” is a motto that she keeps with her while working out. She caught my eye when I saw those hot pink Lululemon leggings. Matched with her tie dye Lululemon headband, now I see what she means by look good, feel good. I loved the simple patterned white tank overtop the black and white Lululemon sports bra. I have to agree that bright colors, especially this pink theme she has going on really add a pop to any workout.

Lululemon is all the craze in the world of both fashion and athletics. The endless, bright colors and breathable fabric are perfect for any workout; This Fashionista’s go-to.

Are you still on that couch? Did not think so; The workout world it waiting for you! That spring break bod will be here in no time with an outfit like this Fashionista’s.