WHAT TO WEAR: Polished for Class

If you have read my last article, you might be noticing a trend. I am becoming increasingly interested in men’s fashion. Here’s why: men’s fashion is mainly based on comfort and simplicity. It’s something I could use more of in my life, so I like to see how I could borrow from the guys to make my outfits more chic, simple, and comfortable.

This Fashionisto’s look stood out to me because it was so polished and put together yet laid-back. It’s the perfect look for class to maintain comfort and style. Here’s a bit of why this outfit is so wearable on campus for both men and women.

To start, this embroidered logo beanie is not only a fun way to add color and character to a look but also reasonable while the weather is still a bit too cool. It helps to change the vibes of the outfit from looking too preppy and gives it a more skater/urban style.

Next is the pale blue oxford shirt. Women can easily replicate this look with any oxford. I’d recommend a white and pink striped top or any other pastels for spring. There are so many ways to mix it up between colors and patterns!

I love the contrast of the oxford peeking out at the collar, cuffs, and hemline of the sweater on top. Not only does this highlight the button-down underneath, but it’s a chic way to deal with the pesky weather. If you’re getting tired of jackets you can throw an oversize sweater on top of your shirt, and you can always remove the sweater as the day gets warmer.

Also, an oversize sweater is a closet staple. It is great to wear alone with a large, statement necklace or a scarf in the winter. For the spring and fall, you can play around with layering it over different tops or even dresses.

The pants are simple and cuffed. This Fashionisto explained that he prefers to cuff his pants to achieve a structured and slimmer fit instead of wearing skinny jeans. Ladies can try this look by turning up the cuffs of their boyfriend jeans for the ultimate “boyfriend” look when paired with an oxford and large sweater.

Finally, this Fashionisto stayed on-trend with the urban style by wearing some New Balance sneakers with this look. These shoes provide the right amount of casual to create a look that is ready for any street style setting. For women, I’d recommend trying to accentuate some bold shoes with the cuffed pants. Textured booties or some brogues would be fun to try out here.

As I mentioned before, this is not my first article featuring men’s fashion, and I highly doubt this will be my last. I have become obsessed with the simplicity and comfort that comes with these looks. I have found they are truly so versatile for both men and women, and I am anxious to try them out myself. What do you think?