WHAT TO WEAR: Plunge Into Pastel

May 1st, 2017 at 2:00am

Spring has sprung, Easter has passed, the end of the year is coming up fast. The weather has warmed up just in time for us to say that we truly had a spring before summer gets here. Spring fever is in its midst at the Mount and people are outside having class, throwing frisbees, doing homework, playing sports, and simply soaking up the sun. Most importantly, we finally have more freedom with out clothes thanks to the warmer weather. This means that we can free our shoulders, knees, and spirits with light and bright colors and fun patterns!

Pastels are some of the most fun colors to wear at the start of spring. We attempt to work our way out of our winter drab and into bright colors, but can’t exactly make it there so quickly, so we opt for pastels.

This Fashionisto took spring by storm on his way to class by sporting pastels, patterns, and mixing up the trends of the times! He sports pink pastel chinos, a trend becoming much more popular to men’s fashion as an accent, which he makes a prominent outfit staple. He pairs these with a vintage-style pastel striped button-down. Love! The classic touch is continued with the addition of wallabees and his clubmaster-style glasses. Finally, to top off the outfit, he adds a neutral-toned dad hat to the mix to bring in a new twist to a timeless trend.

This Fashionisto proves that spring means mixing things up! Step out of your comfort zone and into something new to freshen up your look this spring!