WHAT TO WEAR: Perfecting the PNM Outfit

Sorority recruitment, two words that bring stress to any girl interested in Greek life. One of the longest standing conundrums: what to wear, remains on everyone’s mind. At most schools, recruitment takes place in the fall semester, which means it’s the perfect time for shorts, sandals, and sundresses. But if your sorority recruitment happens during the early spring semester, shorts and skirts are not ideal.

Miami University, along with a handful of other colleges, is one that participates in spring recruitment. The first round of recruitment is the easiest to style, because the PNMs (Potential New Members) are given a T-shirt and the biggest decision is which pants to wear. However, the next round is different because this time the PNMs style their entire outfit. Miami University recently had their second day of recruitment- a philanthropy round-where the girls were asked to wear a casual, yet chic, outfit. The model I photographed embraces this fashion duo perfectly.

This outfit consists of a light gray long-sleeve shirt, a pair of two-toned jeans, a navy cardigan, metallic booties, and is finished with simple gold jewelry. The cardigan layered on top of the gray long-sleeve is not only cute, but it also helps with staying warm, which is crucial in Ohio. The tassels at the end of the cardigan give an additional fun and flirty look to the outfit. The two-toned jeans add a subtly unique difference and are also more eye-catching than a monotone pair. A personal favorite are the metallic booties because they complement the gold necklace perfectly and look stunning.

Not many girls take it into consideration during recruitment, but comfort definitely does matter. When you’re running from location to location for each sorority, you’ll want something warm and relaxed but fabulous as well. This outfit embraces these characteristics and does not sacrifice fashion for comfort.