WHAT TO WEAR: Perfect For Class

Just when I thought spring was on its way, a snow blizzard crept up. After all of the shoveling and snow plowing, it was safe to emerge. It’s still icy cold outside so dressing warm is a must. Good thing we haven’t packed our boots and heavy jackets up yet.

For this month’s spotlight, I’m highlighting the perfect, casual outfit. This look is great for the days when you’ve slept through your alarm but still want to look cute for class. First, a classic white shirt brightens up any gloomy day and the color white is perfect to make your skin look a little tanner. The handkerchief cut of the shirt keeps it fun and flirty.

The color scheme of the outfit is neutral but a pop of color is added with the deep red lipstick and beautiful necklace. The necklace, a gorgeous golden cross, is both simple and elegant. The pops of ruby in the necklace compliment the deeply pigmented color of her lips. Check out this gorgeous lipstick from my favorite makeup brand, Clinique. Try it in the shade Merlot for a jaw dropping look.

Keeping with the color scheme, this Fashionista’s knee-high boots are an awesome chocolate brown. I especially love the slouchy details! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, knee-high boots are a trend that should stay. If you don’t have a pair yet, I definitely recommend making an investment or putting them on your wish list.

Finally, the jacket! It’s cute, comfy, and adds another neutral tone. The charcoal accents this Fashionista’s shimmery hair and keeps her warm too.

So, what will you be wearing to class?