WHAT TO WEAR: Parents Weekend

May 19th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s safe to say that once May rolls around, things tend to get a little crazy.

Us college students spend every waking moment in the library studying for finals and wrapping up the semester, which often times feels like we’re being bombarded with last minute papers, group projects and a ton of stress. Although it feels like May is being dragged on with the end of the semester coming to a close, we tend to forget about our well-being.

Sometimes parents can be a little overbearing and still treat us like we are five years old, but that only comes in handy when we’re feeling stressed and need comfort. Having your parents visit for the weekend is a blessing in disguise. Not only will we catch a break from studying that’s got us feeling burnt out and stressed, but being able to take our minds off of finals will help us feel refreshed and ready to finish off the semester strong.

Let’s face it, when our parents come to visit, we get pampered. They take us out to eat and even help restock the fridge from all the fast food and poor eating habits we develop that we find ourselves doing pre-finals. It’s also time to ditch the sweatpants and T-shirt and get dressed since you’ll actually be seen out in public (you can do it!).

This Fashionista is ready to grab dinner with her parents. Not only has she dressed appropriately, but also she’s dressed in clothes that are comfortable and easy to throw on (see, it’s not as bad as you thought). What really makes this look pop out is the floral top. This in itself is the statement piece that’s paired well with the black cardigan and black shorts to match, allowing the tank to be the center focus.

What also ties this whole outfit together are the added accessorize, the choice of beige flats pairs well with the tank top because the neutral colored shoes don’t overpower, or take away from the tank top. The simple, yet subtle rose gold pyramid necklace not only is cute but complements the look since it doesn’t cause any distractions away from the top.

To top it all off, this Fashionista wore a military green cross-body bag with a silver watch that’s not too flashy and overall complements the entire look. Now you’re ready for a nice getaway dinner with your parents!

One Simple Change: Now that Father’s Day is approaching, a great way to up this outfit would be by changing the shoes. This outfit alone looks like it required a lot of effort, but with minimal clothing items that make it look appropriate. What would complete this outfit for a nice brunch with the family would be nude or neutral-colored wedges. This would still be very proper and suitable for the occasion, again without adding bright colors and taking away from the floral top.