WHAT TO WEAR: Parent's Weekend

March 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Meeting your girlfriend or boyfriend’s parents for the weekend is daunting. Nervous laughter and sweaty palms are inevitable, but at least you can make a good impression with your style. Let your clothes do the talking. Please, don’t make it any more awkward than it already is.

Fashion rules are no fun but helpful tips will make your life a whole lot easier. When trying to make a good impression especially with your significant other’s parents, just be yourself. Try to find your favourite tie or pair of socks. Throw on that fun printed shirt! Wear those bright red earmuffs!

Two days with the people you are trying so hard to impress is already uncomfortable and exhausting so try and find a pair of dark jeans that look and feel great. Same advice can be applied to your choice of footwear. Dress shoes or more casual boots are both acceptable, as long as they’re comfortable. Winter works wonders for the sweaty palmed lovers. Leather gloves add class to your outfit and leaves whoever is at the tail end of your handshake grateful.

If you’re looking to go for a more formal approach when meeting the folks, throw on a blazer. Lighter tone blazers give off a more playful vibe rather than the dark blue or black blazer.

One Simple Change: Take this look and transform it into a look ready for a date with your partner by trading your formal blazer with a black leather jacket. That’s it. Blazers are for impressing the parents. Leather jackets are for impressing your significant other.