WHAT TO WEAR: Parent's Weekend

September 8th, 2015 at 2:00am
As we start to settle in to school and start off our fall semester, there are many different types of events for which we must prepare: homecoming football games, the first day of classes and one of the most important—parent’s weekend. Parent’s weekend at most colleges is the time when our parents are able to see our campus, meet our friends, and get a feel for our everyday routine while at school. This is also our chance as students to show our parents everything our school has to offer, even though it wouldn’t hurt to leave out some details (such as your crazy syllabus week where you spent more time at a fraternity house than you did studying).
Choosing an outfit for this weekend is an opportunity to showcase our personal styles. The outfit we decide on needs to be a representation of us and how we are behaving at school. Reason being, we want to show our parents that their money is most definitely not going to waste. It’s important to  not to go overboard and wear something meant for an interview or formal event, but we do want to look presentable and stick with our favorite trends.
Parent’s weekend typically takes place in mid-September. Here in New York, the weather in mid-September can vary. Some years it can be painfully hot, however there are some years where it is fairly cool.  Therefore, we must choose an outfit that will keep us cool if it’s scorching, but can be comfortable if the temperature drops. This Fashionista has found that perfect balance.  Here, she is rocking printed blue ballon pants  balloon  paired with a white, cropped, tube top. As for shoes, she is wearing simple black gladiator sandals.  She topped off her outfit of choice with a gold letter necklace. In order to stay weather flexible, our Fashionista is wearing a light jean jacket. A perfect balance of trendy and fun, yet appropriate to show our parents we are having fun, yet staying tamed.
One Simple Change: If your parents decide to go back to their hotel and your guy friends decide to throw a party, drop the jean jacket and switch the printed pants for a pair of ripped jean shorts. This way we go from schoolgirl-chic to party look on fleek.