WHAT TO WEAR: Overall This Weather

WHAT TO WEAR: Overall This Weather

The weather is definitely not just a small-talk topic anymore. These days my campus has been on a whirlwind roller coaster of weather from tornado warnings to 70-degree days. When you have no idea what you are about to wake up to, dressing yourself becomes a bit of a challenge. This fashionista surely knew what she was doing this muggy yet 50-degree day here in Champiagn-Urbana, and she is so over-all the cold.

She told me she found her dark gray denim onesie while she was a junior in high school and is more than happy to know they have hit the mainstream market again. You can find a similar pair here. From cool-urban Kendall Jenner to preppy-chic Emma Watson, you can rock a pair of overalls many different ways. This Fashionsita matched her pair with a classic white, cropped tee so that her midriff could peek out a bit for a fun and flirty vibe when she may possibly run into her crush at the coffee shop before her early classes. You could also wear a less fitted pair (like these) on days you wish you could roll out of bed into a pair of sweats after a long night of socializing or studying.

It is sometimes tough to make sure you wear the overalls right in order not to give of a farm-esque feel, but this Fashionista made it work with these shoes for sure. On her feet is a pair of cutout booties that couple perfectly with her distressed, cuffed denim. They have cool metal details that give them a cool edgier aesthetic and work with the outfit as a whole pulling together the overalls as a cohesive look and not something you’d wear out to work on a farm. Here is a pair that gives off the same type of vibe. Her pink bomber also does this look justice by adding a layer of warmth, and style. Bomber jackets in fun colors are all the rage. You can find them in a range of colors and from many different stores of different price ranges. Here is one that a college student could afford to add to their wardrobe.

When it comes to accessories that work around a pair of overalls this Fashionista knows how to pick and chose. She’s layered necklaces with a very cool metallic choker (similar here) and added some silver bangle bracelets to her wrist where she is wearing her watch. She said she wears her watch everyday; a college gal needs to be on time after all, and she does it all in style.

When it comes to wearing overalls, this Fashionista sure did a good job of making them look fun and trendy. And with a few minor accessories and layers she created a full-fledged look perfect for a day of class in this crazy-weathered town.