WHAT TO WEAR: Orthodox Streetwear

March 30th, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Orthodox Streetwear

“Streetwear,” as this Fashionisto describes it, is an often under-looked genre of style, yet one that is very popular here in Santa Barbara. I have not only warmed up to it but have actually grown to love and recognize certain brands that fall under the category of streetwear. The thing that makes streetwear and streetwear-inspired outfits so unique is that it takes generally classic pieces, such as the white shirt this Fashionisto is wearing, and adds unconventional twists like the quirky dinosaur design on the pocket.

Versatile shoes are a key component of a well-balanced closet, but versatility can sometimes mean boring. This Fashionisto nailed this very fine balance with these Comme des Garçons  x Converse collaboration shoes; they are just versatile enough to wear with almost any outfit but the red heart design on the side adds just enough detail to get people to do a double take. Also, if you look closely, the shoes are actually a very light shade of pink, which is yet another cool reason to do a double take. Because streetwear and streetwear-inspired clothing is very unique and artsy, it’s important to not overdo it by wearing too much streetwear in any given outfit.

This Fashionisto perfected it by pairing just enough artsy detailed pieces with more subdued pieces like this bomber jacket and zip-up hoodie. Orthodox streetwear, as I call it, is perfect for going to class. Waking up for classes can be really difficult and it’s so much easier to just slap on some leggings and flip flops and call it good (I know from experience). With the orthodox streetwear style, it’s easy to look stylish while still being comfy and casual.