WHAT TO WEAR: October Occasions

My favorite season of the year has finally arrived and I could not be more inspired by all of the beautiful changes happening around me. The breezy air, colorful foliage and most importantly all of the Fashionistas gearing up for fall. It can be difficult to decide which outfits work in this transition into fall, but no worries, I got you covered.

Flannels are timeless for fall because they are perfect for the chilly mornings when you want to simultaneously look presentable and be comfy. As the afternoons get a little warmer you can always tie the flannel around your waist for a grungy yet girly look. Flannels can also be found for less in many thrift stores. Along with this, simple accessories can go a long way with edgy pieces that are meant to stand out. Distressed boyfriend jeans are always a good alternative to skinny jeans and are generally comfier. Pair the jeans with some classic low top shoes and you are ready to take on the day in style and comfort.

Fall is a beautiful time for fashion. It is a time to experiment with layers and new colors that complement each other. Take advantage of the beautiful transformations this season has to offer. Show off your favorite styles at a pumpkin patch, fall festivals and Halloween. Get inspired by other Fashionistas who love this time of year just as much as you do. Let others know that you admire their style as well, it could turn someone’s entire day around. Empower one another and build each other up.