WHAT TO WEAR: New Year New You

Back to reality we go. Our long winter break from endless nights of studying and heavy workloads has come to an end. It’s time to throw away those stale Christmas cookies, say hello to the New Year, and jump back into the semester. The start of the New Year always means one thing: New Year’s resolutions. Luckily, I have a perfect resolution for you: revamp your style! Starting the semester can be tough but, if you look great on the outside, you will feel great on the inside.

Understandably, college life is hectic. The beginning of the semester comes with much unwanted stress, as we figure out how to juggle multiple responsibilities all day long. On the other hand, new year new you! Pick a killer outfit and conquer all of your obligations in style, like a boss. This Fashionisto found the perfect outfit to wear all day while racing between class, meetings, and work. Ditching a tie and throwing on a royal blue sweater was an excellent choice, making the outfit less formal and more versatile. During this time it’s also important to be aware of the chill in the air, so the gray jacket and boots helped to keep this Fashionisto comfortably warm. The sunglasses, a nice touch, saying I’m a typical tired college student but still cool.

The spring semester quickly approaching allows for the perfect opportunity to revamp your style and maybe even your study habits. Changing your style around a bit may help you clear your mind and gain a fresh outlook on school.