WHAT TO WEAR: New Year, New Me

As the new year of 2017 rolls in faster than we can even think, everyone is beginning their new year resolutions of hitting the gym, trying a new style, or eating healthy. Everyone is starting to return to college, work, and all their responsibilities, (no more relaxing for you). If your looking for that hot outfit to start fresh on the new year and wow all your friends back at school, this is it! This outfit is so simple and sexy that you can pull it off anywhere: a day at work, class, or even a night out on the town.

This look is simple, just grab your favorite classic black sweater and pair it with those colored leggings you got for Christmas, that you know you have been dying to wear since you got them. Last but not least, add some slaying over the knee suede heel boots. Everyone will be drooling over your new look this year.

As always, this look can be modified to anyone’s style. If heels are not for you, then go with a flat pair of suede over the knee boots. If black is not really for you, to brighten up the outfit you could always throw on a sweater with a pop of color with all-black leggings. To finish off, you want to stick to a simpler more natural make up look that will not take away from the outfit.

This look will have you starting the new year more confident and stylish than ever.