WHAT TO WEAR: New Year New Gear

It is that time of year again, when all you seem to here is “New year, new me.” After all the yummy holiday desserts, I was ready to get back into the gym. I made the resolution to live a healthier lifestyle. If you made any resolutions this year to be healthier, exercise more, or get in to shape, then you’re probably hitting up the closest store with athletic wear. I love buying new workout gear, but getting me to the gym is a whole other story. I love wearing the comfortable workout clothes without ever actually working out. This is where the wonderful world of athleisure comes in handy. Looking good while feeling good after a sweaty workout is a great feeling. Half of my motivation to go to the gym is knowing that my workout gear is too cute for only my roommate to see.

This Fashionista knows how to stay comfortable and warm while breaking a sweat. She loves to run, so light clothing is her go-to. She paired black Nike running leggings with a bright orange quarter-zip top. The bright orange color can be a life-saver, if you are an evening runner! The tighter fitted workout gear is going to keep you warm during your workout. For shoes, this Fashionista chose to match her top with her shoes. She wore bright orange and yellow Nike running shoes. She kept her hair back in a simple braid to keep it out of her face during her run.

So if you made a resolution involving health, put together a cute and comfortable athletic outfit and get ready to conquer your workout.