WHAT TO WEAR: New Month, New Style

WHAT TO WEAR: New Month, New Style

Now that winter is coming to an end, I’m realizing how much I love spring. I almost love it as much as I love fall. These two seasons are my favorite time of the year simply because of the outfits I am able to put together. When it’s winter, it is hard to be fashionable when all you want to do it layer up in sweaters and fluffy jackets. Then there’s summer, where all you want is to wear as minimal clothes as possible. It’s hard to add on cute accessories and cardigans that make an outfit look complete. With spring coming around the corner, I want to share one of my favorite outfits to get you ready.

This Fashionista is all about layering to keep warm through breezy weather. Her first layer is a long, white sweater. It’s not too thin, so you are comfy, fashionable, and my personal favorite…are able to dress it down or up. Whichever mood you are in, you can have your outfit match. She felt one sweater wasn’t warm enough so she layered it with a knit poncho. This poncho is the perfect amount of cover. It does not take away from her main sweater but gives both items a pop amongst each other.

She accessorized with a thick velvet choker necklace. This choker fits in well because it matches the thickness and warmth of the outfit. With both sweaters as thick as they are, a small necklace would be lost within the neck area.

I don’t know what has gotten into to me lately but lipstick has become my newest obsession! Especially if you are one who has full lips. You are able to flaunt how kissable they are. This Fashionista decided to go with a subtle pink shade from NARS (velvet lip glide in the color “Bound”) which brings out the glow of her skin. Lipstick is one small accessory that takes up no room in your purse. My advice to you is always have a favorite subtle color with you. You know, just in case your lips suddenly need to look a little more kissable.