WHAT TO WEAR: Music Festival Moves

As the harsh summer heat finally makes its exit, a more amicable fall weather finally starts to grace us with its presence. Now that we can stand outside for longer than five minutes and not have a heat stroke, music festivals all of a sudden look like a bearable feat. But now that it’s a possibility, what should you wear?

This week I met up with a new Fashionista. She is a first year student at the University of South Florida, dabbling in everything from medical sciences to anthropology. She also paints and can speak more languages than the average person. She holds an anti-fashion stance, which seems to work flawlessly for her. Her “accidental punk” look comes from having to work with a college budget and being a frequent shopper at local thrift stores. She loves going to shows, and when I saw her outfit, I knew it was a perfect example of music festival getup.

Your priorities should definitely lie with comfortability, practicality and versatility. Let’s start with comfortability. Music festivals usually span the entirety of a day over a period of multiple days, so it’s important to stay comfortable. This Fashionista is featured in olive, drab, high-waisted shorts, ensuring her ability to stay cool in the residual heat but also allows her to dance unrestricted. Her vintage Diesel belt makes sure her shorts stay in place when doing the boogie. The black midriff tank she’s picked makes for a breathable top. As for practicality, this Fashionista wisely picked durable, worn-in and protective black Doc Marten boots. This ensures her feet won’t get destroyed when they inevitably get stepped on—they’re already scuffed, so there’s no worry in getting them dirty. She also sports some key frame sunglasses to protect her eyes from the sun. Speaking of protection, even though you can’t see it featured, you should always add sunblock to your ensemble. Skin care is always in style. Lastly, this Fashionista utilizes a fused pattern grandfather cardigan for versatility. She wears it down as a flow piece when the sun is out and then has it for when the chilly night rears its head. She can also fashion it into a pillow for those mellow lawn sessions.

So whether you’re going to an all-week indie fest in the Nevada Desert or a trap rap show in chilly New York City, always keep in mind comfortability, practicality and versatility to make sure you have a great time and look good doing it.