WHAT TO WEAR: Monochromatic Patterns

Even though we are heading into our spring semester of college, we all need to have winter on our brain. You still have to keep cold temperatures and undesired weather conditions in mind! Fashion students and Fashionistas are well aware of the trends that came with this season. Winter is just that time of year when color palettes become much more subdued and layering is a necessity. This particular Fashionisto approaches both of these aspects of the current season well. Just because your clothes are not in colorful shades does not mean that a look must be boring.

The basis of this outfit is a white button-down that has a small dot pattern to create interest. A textured knit cardigan, such as this one, is layered over the shirt. The Fashionisto also wears a puffer coat, and the sleek fabric contrasts that of the sweater. The blacks and grays create a monochromatic color palette. Well-worn blue jeans and gray sneakers keep the look casual and comfortable. A silver watch serves as a functional accessory as well as a metallic detail. Lastly, his knit scarf adds a small maroon accent color.

This look would serve well for a family dinner or a casual date. The look itself is a step up from casual but is still comfortable and adaptable to varying temperatures. Though the monochrome was built from the color black, you could easily recreate it with a navy blue or forest green. Don’t be afraid to try bolder patterns as well!