WHAT TO WEAR: Miss Trendy Layers

If you live anywhere with weather like Texas, then you’ve been in this situation plenty of times… looking at your weather app thinking how you’re going to dress for weather that varies from brisk, chilly mornings to sunny and 75-degree afternoons. The answer is layered looks, which can serve as the key to any stylish Fashionista’s wardrobe.

This time of year we are all secretly hoping to finally pull out our favorite coats from the back of our closets and slip into the booties we ordered last season. Instead, we’re presented with a new opportunity of mixing and matching the perfect pieces from any season to create a versatile outfit for whatever the day may bring!

This Fashionista’s style entails an effortless combination of pink tones, denim, and fishnet creating an alternative look, undoubtedly capturing attention.

The layered tops include a blush long sleeve fishnet top, which has been very trendy this season and is almost as good as any accessory along with adding a sense of edge to any look. On top of this layer is a beautiful lightweight sweater in a soft pink with an attached sheer bottom—adding a soft feminine touch and doubling the look of an extra layer. Her denim jacket can be found in nearly every closet this season, as it is the perfect staple item for any look. It gives you the ability to throw it over your shoulders or in your bag; it’s a go-to for every Fashionista on the move. She finished off her look by pairing these layered tops with everyday ripped denim capris and white slip-on sneakers.

This chic Fashionista knows just how to layer multiple textures to create a feminine, flirty, fun, and weatherproof outfit!