WHAT TO WEAR: Midterm Ready

We all know midterms have the power to make us want to grab a pair of yoga leggings and hide in the corner of the classroom. Although PINK has some pretty rad lounge wear, sometimes it’s time to take it up a notch, and dress up a little more.

Though it is spring, it still gets a little bit chilly here in San Francisco. A perfect way to combat Karl the Fog is a light jacket, and this military anorak is perfect.

Now, it does get warmer throughout the day. San Francisco State University is known to be an incline campus. This means the school is residing on a lot of hills varying in steepness. I always recommend walking to class in a comfy pair of frocks to last me all day, and this Fashionista’s flip flops are perfect. These babies can last for miles, and you won’t be expecting a blister when you get home and kick them off to relax after a day full of lectures.

What I love about this outfit the most is that this Fashionista here has kept it classic. Blue jeans go with almost anything, and this attire proves it. I always advise to invest in clothing staples like this pair, because they’re sure to complete a more casual outfit, but they can also be paired with cute heels and a leather jacket for a get-together in the evening.

Let’s not forget a great backpack. Every student needs a something sturdy to hold all the essentials—like makeup, some snacks, a camera, and of course, books! This Fashionista decided to add a pop of color to her look with this bright blue bag, and I for one, am loving it.

The sun is out.  Midterms only last for so long. Enjoy the sand, the surf, the babes, and most importantly, enjoy your free time!

Catch you later, Fashionistas. Have a great spring break!