WHAT TO WEAR: Mesh Moves

Spring is finally upon us. After what feels like the longest, coldest winter, we’ll soon be engulfed by flowers and sunshine. Furthermore, we will be all wrapped up in gentle springtime fabrics, and one of the most popular this year is, of course, mesh.

This Fashionisto’s eclectic look radiates serious ’90s vibes and uses bold pattern and textures to give this daily outfit a nighttime alter ego. As we’ve seen, ’90s style is a craze infecting all facets of fashion, and I’m all for it. However, the ’90s contained some intensely crazy trends, making it a little too easy to go overboard sometimes. Yet our Fashionisto does a perfect job of using these trends to embellish the look but not engulf it. He achieves this with the use of a bold retro jacket paired with a simple mesh T-shirt and a classic pair of distressed black jeans.

Springtime weather is such a happy medium between warm and chilly, making it the best time to experiment with layering and fabrics. It contains the ideal temperatures for ripped jeans, and allows cute lightweight jackets to become a necessity. No more sacrificing comfort for style, this is the season for innovative, dynamic outfits to be discovered. There’s lots of fun new trends to mix and match and really play around with. The colors and materials for this season are so fun and whimsical. I know that I’ve been having so much fun pairing together different patterns, colors, and fabrics. I feel like I’m creating outfits with the same methods I used in first grade. Sometimes, I feel like that’s exactly what we all need.