WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

There are a lot of rules that come along with meeting the parents; for instance, it’s always good to remain collected and relaxed, although I think it’s safe to say that resting your (maybe smelly) feet on the living room coffee table is a total no-go. Yes, I get that your toes are being brutally assaulted by the unsurprisingly painful patent leather heels that you decided to wear. No, that is no excuse for turning into some sort of uncouth, obnoxious teenager who also believes that it’s completely acceptable to drop the f-bomb once or twice at the dinner table (news flash: it’s not). Now, I know that you’re currently rolling your eyes at me for stating supposed “no-brainers,” but I’m sure some people have screwed this stuff up, and I’d hate to be the unhelpful one. Luckily, I’m here to offer even more of my wonderful advice that will help you Fashionistas out there try to figure out what you should be wearing when his beloved mother or father opens the front door. Note: leave anything bodycon at home. It’s for the best, I promise.

Coincidentally, this Fashionista was walking hand-in-hand with her boyfriend when her flowy and full midi skirt quickly caught my eye. I couldn’t help but wonder if she wore something equally sophisticated and chic when she met her partner’s parents; if so, then she was definitely on the right track to impressing mom and dad. This powder blue, A-line skirt is all-around perfect, from its scalloped waist to its ideal length that’s a pleasant balance of cute and appropriate. Considering the situation, the skirt’s latter characteristic is obviously the most important one, but don’t forget that style shouldn’t be exchanged for suitability—most of the time, the two can manage to live in harmony.

Our Fashionista exhibits this not only through a classy midi skirt, but also with a black, sheer diamond-print blouse that is paired with a opaque camisole. The darkness of the top beautifully contrasts with the soft tone of the skirt, and while the fabric is translucent, this Fashionista cleverly added the black cami for additional coverage.

Oh, and remember how I said that wearing uncomfortable heels to this family get-together was a laughable idea? Well, I still stand by my word. Be smart, and consider wearing a pair of strappy sandals like the ones photographed above (wedges or flats aren’t bad ideas either). In short, just be sure to keep it proper, classy and comfortable (your boyfriend, his parents and your feet will highly appreciate it)—but don’t forget that taste doesn’t have to be abandoned in order to impress the ‘rents. I’m sure they’ll love you anyway.

One Simple Change: Want to wear this same outfit out on the town after the family barbecue? Instead of sandals, thrown on a pair of leopard print pumps and a cropped motorcycle jacket for a fierce, funky date night look.