WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

Summer is the perfect set up for a romance, and what better way to display that you’re a go-getter than being introduced to the parentals. First impressions are everything, so when deciding on what killer outfit is going to do the job, keep in mind that less is more. Well, at least for the first time.

Say that the particular significant other invites you to the super exclusive family brunch on Sunday. You’d probably rip your closet apart creating the perfect first look that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb but says all that it needs to say. This Fashionista does just that by opting for a fun-colored mint maxi dress that helps glam up a rather proper brunch. When choosing to wear a maxi dress, opt for one with a great statement color that can be easily dressed up by accessories. Next, don a tough handbag to add some edge to a rather cute and girly look. This Fashionista kept her accessories at eye level with the intention of becoming great conversation starters for the awkward small talk that might arise. There may be a chance that the party might move outdoors, but no worries because like all Fashionistas, we’re ready for anything. Throw on a great face-framing floppy hat to protect from the sun while still looking chic. Height is important, especially for all the short ladies and gents out there. Wedges are a great choice when deciding on what shoes to go for. Strappy offers better support for the few hours that you’ll be standing, sipping on mimosas and mingling with the family.

When taking this important step into the relationship, remember Fashionistas/os, never let them see you sweat! You’re a gem.

One Simple Change: To take this original outfit from “meet the parents” to a fun girls’ night out with your besties, opt for a vibrant-colored clutch and some awesome walking flats. Because let’s be real, you just don’t know what you’ll get into.