WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

Anybody in a relationship knows that meeting the parents is inevitable. It seems though as one gets older this event becomes more and more serious. In high school it was as simple as briefly saying hi to your boyfriend’s mom in the kitchen before you guys ran upstairs to have a movie marathon. But, college is different because not all of your classmates are from the same town or let alone the same state. If your guy’s parents drive three hours to spend the weekend at their child’s college and your guy wants to make sure you meet his parents instead of him taking off to have family time—that means something. So whenever there is an exciting event, there needs to be an exciting outfit to go along with it.

Meeting the parents can be stressful, but the most important aspect of choosing your outfit is picking something that you feel comfortable in and represents you as a person. If you know that his mom loves Vera Bradley, but you don’t like the designer, do not “fake it” and dress yourself head to toe in Vera Bradley. Little lies like this can snowball in miserable shopping trips and unwanted birthday presents.

This Fashionista described her style as boho chic with a classic touch and that is exactly what we are looking at. This dress has an interesting pattern and silhouette, but it remains perfectly chic and subtle—exactly what a girl would want for lunch with the parents. While the dress screams boho, her shoes walk us right back the 1940’s. These oxford inspired shoes are comfortable, stylish and smart. They are easy to walk in due to the shorter heel, but they are so much more intriguing then a pair of wedges or flats. To top the look off, a hat is the perfect solution. Hats used to be an essential to every outfit, but they have fallen in popularity in recent years. Hats are great because they can hide a bad hair day and take your outfit to the next level. This little hat connects the entire look by building a bridge between the classic shoes and boho dress.

With this ensemble mixed with your intelligence, personality and humor you are sure to make a great first impression on the parents. 

One Simple Change: If your boyfriend’s parents aren’t coming to you and you are going to visit them, this look is perfect for exploring right after lunch. If your guy is from a cool city like New Orleans, San Francisco or New York there is no doubt you have to see the sights and learn about where your guy grew up. Oxford shoes are comfortable, but not ideal for a day of walking. After lunch, just slip on some cute canvas shoes and you’ll be ready to go. The dress is loose and will keep you cool while the hat will protect your face from the sun. With a great outfit you can focus on whats important—having fun with your guy.