WHAT TO WEAR: Meet The Parents

Some of you may be entering your freshman year of college- woohoo, the beginning of the greatest four years of your life!  Fall welcomes pumpkin spice everything, your first college football game, sweater weather, loads of studying, runny noses, fuzzy socks (my favorite aspect) and quite possibly a special someone! Fall means transitioning your wardrobe from crop tops and high-waisted shorts to cardigans and corduroys. This is an exciting experience, and there’s no better time to take out your favorite fall apparel from under your bed and dress in style for meeting the parents of your significant other, just as this Fashionista did?

She appears as your “All-American” girl, while testing the waters with a current trend, fringe.  She wears a fall wardrobe essential, a green parka, which is the best jacket to layer with. She makes a statement with her detailed sweater poncho and dark wash skinny jeans. The brave pop of color and fringe on her poncho really lets her personality shine through. Skinny Jeans are a fall staple you can never go wrong with. Due to their versatile cut, you can wear them with any shoe, and when I say “any”, I mean just about any and every shoe. Due to this, you can create numerous looks whether casual, dressy, classic or trendy. There is no reason why you should not keep a few pairs in your closet this season.

In this case, I love how this daring Fashionista chose to pair her skinny jeans with some lace-up riding boots. It isn’t often that you see people trying to pull off this style of boot.  We have seen the popular combat boots, but these are taller and add some variety and dimension to any fall or winter outfit. To finish the look, she adds a light amount of accessories including some rings and a layered necklace, keeping the eyes focused on herself as a person, not just her outfit.

I always refer to the phrase “Less is More” when piecing together my look for occasions where I’m trying to leave a positive first impression. Remaining simple is better than having too much going on in your look; plus it leaves a “put together” aesthetic!  This Fashionista approached her look perfectly, staying modest yet eye-catching.

One Simple Change:  Not only can this outfit be worn to meet the parents, but on other occasions such as weekend wear and running errands as well. Just add an oversized leather tote and try braiding your hair out of your face.  You can also shift to a nighttime look by swapping the boots out for some heeled booties and bold jewelry.