WHAT TO WEAR: Meet The Parents

It has become that time of your summer fling where you finally feel ready to introduce your significant other to your family. You are most likely nervous and want to impress, as well as having zero clue what to expect. Well, have no worries, because with these few tips you will be bringing forth your very best that the parents will have to love you.

Always do something simple and comfortable, that way you know you look good as well as you’re not constantly adjusting all your clothes. Just be yourself and the parents will love you, as well as your fashion sense, in no time. While picking out your outfit try and do something that expresses your personal style, it doesn’t have to be much but it will help you feel more at home with yourself.

This Fashionisto does a great job at matching the simple color-block white and blue button-down shirt with slightly darker blue shorts. Also, the matching with the leather watch with the shoes pulls the whole outfit together. Its simple but looks put together at the same time. The colored denim is a nice extra touch that will look like you really put time into what you are wearing, which is always impressive.

One Simple Change: Swap out those shorts for a nice pair of dress pants tuck in your shirt and add a belt that matches your shoes, and your meet the parents look is completely different. This way you’re all set for a casual Friday at your internship, where you can impress your boss in more than one way.