WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

So, you started dating someone at college and now that it’s summer vacation, that moment you’ve been dreading is approaching: meeting the parents (dun dun dun.) We’ve all been there. The most stressful part, for me at least, was picking out the perfect outfit that was still cute and showed my personality, but was a little more on the conservative side. There are so many different looks that would be appropriate for this occasion, but this Fashionista’s outfit embodies all that a meet the parents outfit should, while still being cute and on-trend for this summer season.

The piece of this outfit that stood out to me most was the swing dress this Fashionista is rocking. I’ve been a big fan of the swing dress since last summer and my closet has accumulated quite a few in the past year. I don’t really wear dresses that often, but swing dresses are so light and airy—I just can’t resist them. The bright cobalt blue color that the dress is in adds some interest and personality to the look and makes it all the more perfect for summer! The cropped tank top sleeve is perfect for those hot summer days. I also love how she paired the dress with a pair of gray faux suede flats. These flats are extra trendy because of the pointed toe and ankle strap and go particularly well with the dress because of the pop of cobalt blue on the back panel of them. The flats definitely dress up a look that would have otherwise been pretty casual. You want to look a little dressed up to meet the parents, no?

To complete the look, she wore a simple silver necklace (which I think was the perfect necklace choice for this outfit), a rose gold watch, some dainty bracelets and rings and her everyday sunglasses.

There are several components of this look that make it ideal for meeting the parents. First of all, like I mentioned, wearing a pair of dressier flats or sandals with a casual dress makes the outfit just formal enough without looking like you’re trying too hard. The hemline of the dress is long enough that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing it to the club (although I would still always recommend wearing a pair of little shorts under a swing dress anyway.) You don’t want your new bae’s parents to think you’re boring, so letting your personality shine through your outfit still is really important. This Fashionista nailed that by wearing a bright color. Finally, the jewelry choices are reserved and not too out there.

One Simple Change: After a long day of hanging with the parents, you and your boo might want to catch dinner and a movie. Transform this outfit into the perfect date night outfit by swapping the flats out for a strappy pump in either a nude, gray or cobalt blue color, or maybe even a fun pattern.