WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

Meeting the parents, a night that all men and women must partake in at some point in our lives in order to truly win the hearts of beau’s parents. (Don’t worry, I promise it will be nothing like Meet the Fockers). It seems like it’s mostly men who are the ones to be nervous for an event like this, but don’t be fooled, girls get just as stressed, especially when it comes to figuring out what to wear. You want to come off as so many different things while still being yourself. You want to be classic, stunning, appropriate and modest all while being unique, chic and one of a kind. How about looking effortlessly fabulous?

I think for occasions such as meeting someone’s parents for the first time, people get very wrapped up in all of the details. A lot of girls have this frame of mind that every little detail has to be perfect, and we have to look like we walked out of a debutant handbook, perfectly prim and proper, adorned in our finest clothing and jewelry. Let me just suggest, before you show up to dinner in a ballgown, that you try thinking about this: simplicity says a lot.

Remember how I mentioned effortless? This Fashionista models it perfectly. This jersey knit baby blue baby doll dress is both classy and stylish and will help you give a great first impression. It is also extremely versatile so you can wear it too a variety of venues and still look appropriate for the occasion. You will definitely need to add a dress like this to your wardrobe as soon as possible! Try to keep the accessories to a minimum by wearing a simple, unique pendant necklace and natural makeup. Remember, you want to look like yourself, not like some done up Barbie that your boyfriend wouldn’t even recognize. The natural you is the best you can be, naturally!

One Simple Change: The Michael Kors wedges this Fashionista wears make the dress more upscale casual date night. If the date is more casual, strap on some gold sandals and you are good to go. No need to sweat it, this outfit is a sure fire way to come off as effortless and chic to impress the parents!