WHAT TO WEAR: Maroon Is In This Fall

We all love when Mother Nature graces us with some warmer weather before winter takes over. On these warmer days, we remember to take advantage of wearing our favorite pair of ripped jeans one more time before the inevitable cold temperatures pack them up for good. Before placing on the heavy jackets, walk outside once or twice in your favorite T-shirt and strut down the streets in your favorite pair of booties.

This fall, I have really been feeling the maroon top. Maroon is the perfect fall color because it still has the color aspect that everyone wants but it is muted, which fits in with the calmer fall weather perfectly. Maroon has always held a special place in my heart, my school colors involved maroon, and being able to wear it while looking trendy, always puts a smile on my face. Another alternative to maroon is a nice shade of burgundy. Burgundy is another shade of red that is softer but adds a little more color than maroon typically displays.

This Fashionista is pairing her beautiful off-the-shoulder top tucked into her perfect pair of ripped jeans. The ripped jeans add another element of interest to the overall outfit. The dark wash jeans are perfect for fall with the muted color but still allows for some pop with the skin peeking through. Rolling up the jeans since the temperature is still nice out is a great idea and gives the outfit a more chic look. Adding a pair of cute black booties adds a little skin for a more playful look. This Fashionista decided to pair her shirt with a cute multi-layer necklace with a diamond-like appearance but affordable with rhinestones. This Fashionista is ready for her busy day of classes and as the sun goes down, she will still be looking fabulous as she hits the town with some friends.