WHAT TO WEAR: Maroon and Muscles

Every individual that goes to the gym on a regular basis is working on bettering his or herself in some way. Whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally, we all have goals that a fitness routine can help us to achieve.

When you think of “gym clothes,” you probably have images of old ratty basketball shorts and ill-fitting T-shirts, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re taking the time to do something positive for yourself, why shouldn’t you look good and feel confident in the process? That’s right, you should. So go ahead, splurge on some new gear for your next sweat session and take some inspiration from this Fashionisto with you on your next Spandex shopping spree.

From his comfy heather gray joggers to his stretchy maroon scoop neck T-shirt, this Fashionisto both looked and felt ready to pick things up and put them down. His matte black Beats studio wireless headphones helped him get in the zone with their sound canceling capabilities and intense sound quality, while they also doubled as a stylish accessory. Let’s face it—if you’re working hard enough, you’re probably sweating. Add a black beanie and you have an extra accessory that helps to keep you dry and carefree.

The most important workout wear staple for this lifter was his all black Converse sneakers and not only because they look great. Converse have always been considered one of the best shoes for weightlifting because of their flat rubber bottoms which allow you to remain close to the ground and push through your heels during compound movements such as squats and deadlifts. So next time you step into the gym try trading in your normal trainers for some chucks to look and feel like a pro.