WHAT TO WEAR: Making Comfy Cute

Going from class to class all day long is always an incentive for wanting to be comfortable but we all know that being on campus all day means running into almost everyone and anyone. However, wanting to be comfortable while having to hang out on campus for the majority of the day doesn’t have to be a bad thing, there’s always a way to make comfy, cute.

This Fashionista was ready to take on her day full of classes and trips to the library in this killer ensemble. She was sporting her favorite jean jacket thrown over a cut-off pullover. The sweatshirt was chosen for maximum comfort and the pairing of the two is flawless, everyone knows denim always makes a statement. For our Fashionista, doing this helped to create her “I need to be comfy but I’m still trying today”, look. On the bottom, this Fashionista chose to wear her most beloved pair of leggings that she also knows will stay fitted all day long.

For just a little bit of detail, she decided to throw on a cute pair of stripped boot socks over her leggings that gave this outfit just a little bit more to look at! Timberlands were the go-to shoe of choice for this trendy Fashionista. They are the perfect pair of boots to help keep warm while walking all over campus and at the same time, do it with style. Finally, to complete her look, this Fashionista decided to rock a solid color baseball cap, an awesome all day accessory that matches with everything, including that amazing tribal print backpack.