WHAT TO WEAR: Lunch with the Parents

If you’re lucky enough to go to college that is close to your family, then you’re used to seeing them often. Others see their families only on holidays, breaks, or some families may come visit them. This Fashionista was coming back from a lunch with her parents whom she hadn’t seen in a while and I noticed her look was very relaxed and rad.

While the weather is changing from winter to spring it’s all about light fabrics. This Fashionista rocked these ripped jeans with a striped sweater. She looked cool and well put together. To make this look a little more edgier she paired it with a pair of black booties and a high pony. The accessories definitely added to this look with some cool sunglasses and black crossbody bag.

This outfit is perfect for lunch with her parents because it’s cool and relaxed, but she still looks put together. After not seeing your family for a while you want to look your best. But it’s also your mom and dad so you know that they will love you know matter what you’re wearing—they are just glad to see you.

College can be hard sometimes and while the freedom and independence is nice, sometimes it’s even better to spend the day with your mom and dad and just be in their company.

So, remember to always give your parents a call every now and then and remember to show them how much you appreciate and love them. It will mean more to them than you realize.