WHAT TO WEAR: Looking Ducky As Ever

The transition from winter to spring tends to be one that makes people the most anxious and frustrated, especially when it comes to what to wear. As I was walking across campus, I saw this outfit and thought it was perfectly balanced for our western Pennsylvania weather.

A simple quarter-zip sweatshirt and vest go together like two peas in a pod. The sweatshirt provides you with enough warmth to not have to wear a winter jacket, and a vest not only accents an outfit, but also serves as a windbreaker. To add to these items, a blanket scarf is a trendy cherry to top off your look. They are incredibly warm, but can be easily taken off, so they don’t hinder your focus (too much warmth is a setup for napping mode).

Another part of this outfit that I love, is the school-spirited baseball cap. These are a go-to for those windy mornings, when you have a bad hair day, or just don’t feel like doing your hair. A solid cap like this helps bring out the darker tones that are within the scarf and quarter-zip while helping the overall flow of the look. The last, but definitely not least, asset is the shoes. Duck boots are trending and very popular among college students this year. They are great for rainy days, but some also provide a lining inside which makes them warm enough to wear all winter long.

Whether its windy and raining or snow flurries in March, this look will help you get to class in a warm but fashionable way.