WHAT TO WEAR: Look Good, Feel Good

Everyone needs a day for themselves, whether it is spent reading, lying in bed, shopping, or whatever it may be—you deserve it. This Fashionista spent her day off going on a shopping spree, and her outfit is the perfect one to do that in.

More often than not, we grab too many hangers, run to the dressing room, get excited, twirl in front of the tall mirrors and then let our faces fall when the dress, blouse, jeans don’t fit just right. Although shopping is supposed to be fun and relaxing, it can often get really stressful and mood ruining.

A good first step to setting your day and mood off to a positive start is a good outfit. Although, yes, you are going hunting for new trends and deals, don’t hesitate to show what you already have and love.

Some statement pieces that this Fashionista loves to show off are perfect for a girl’s day spent shopping! First, the basics: denim her light-wash jeans are perfect for this sunny day, especially with the fun rips throughout. Her shirt is a vibrant off-the-shoulder loose fitting blouse that is a closet must have with spring coming upon us. Over her blouse she draped a cute leather jacket, an addition that is easy to mix and match among any outfit. Shoes are so important, not only to contrast your outfit, but also to keep you comfortable while you shop until you drop. Booties are the perfect shoe for the occasion as well as the transition period, when the weather is not sure yet what it is doing and we are not sure how to handle it. She also added a few details through her accessories, one of them being a leather handbag with a long strap as well as short ones for convenience.

So, next time you’re getting ready to treat yourself, make sure you feel your best first and take on the adventure with a positive attitude—even if it something as little as trying on a couple new styles. Remember that you look great!