WHAT TO WEAR: Look Bold, Not Cold

Warning: This post might contain some serious fashion expertise.

The winter fashion season is in full swing with this rockin’ seasonal look. I caught this Fashionista as she was making her way to work and had to capture her fully GW spirit.

If you’ve been on the East Coast long enough (or Antarctica), the most popular edition to the sub-freezing temperatures are the Canada Goose jackets that find their way through campus. Though expensive, I’ve yet to meet a single person who has said they’re not premium quality. However we’re college students, we aren’t made of money. The average Canada Goose jacket prices in at about $800, but have no fear! There are plenty of stylish name brands that can keep you just as warm without the budget.

These Noisy may and Pull&Bear parkas range from $40-$120 that provide the same Canada Goose aesthetic for a more affordable cost.

This Fashionista achieved a warm, attention-grabbing look with simply her coat, sunglasses, and layers.

The vest and classic flannel look, along with the beanie, was a comfy and fashionable choice. It’s important to keep your ears and chest warm in these turbulent months, so if you can achieve a layered, coordinated look, you’ve got winter fashion down!

Before coming to GW, like the Canada Goose coats, I hadn’t even heard of these purses before. Suddenly, I started seeing them around every corner at Whole Foods! This Fashionista’s Tory Burch is another in-season accessory that’s popping up everywhere along the East Coast.

Don’t be intimidated by all the designer clothing, the Gucci sunglasses were picked up off a vendor in the streets of New York! That’s right, designer looks don’t have to come from the retailer or online store, sometimes some of the best finds are ones that you literally just run into one day.

I figured this look would be best placed in our What To Wear category as a laid-back and warm outfit to rock while studying at your local coffee shop, on the way to class, or walking around campus during these cold winter months. As I have said in previous articles, the cold weather sometimes makes us have to choose between looking cute and staying warm, but with outfits like these, we can have both!