WHAT TO WEAR: Living in Layers

The months of September and October provide such varied weather forecasts that I always find it impossible to decide what to wear. I often find myself freezing in overly air-conditioned classrooms one minute, only to be sweating on the walk back to my dorm shortly after. The first few months of class always seem to be the most difficult to dress for, as I am not ready to abandon my summer wardrobe, but have not yet made the transition into my fall attire. It is during this time that dressing in layers proves to be the only suitable option in order to stay stylish while also dealing with unpredictable temperatures throughout the day.

I love this featured look for the September transition period as it naturally combines elements of both summer and fall. This tan corduroy lace-up skirt is a trendy statement piece that blends the textures and colors of fall with a mini-skirt silhouette that will keep you feeling cool.

Pairing this skirt with an easy white T-shirt gives the look an effortless vibe. I love the idea of tying a knot at the waist of a baggy white T-shirt (as shown) in order to change up the shape of this ordinary top. My favorite part of this look is the black shawl which is a great layering element because it will keep you warm (without being too heavy!) while adding interest and dimension to the outfit. The subtle white stripes in the fabric perfectly balance the white T-shirt with the black shawl. Black accessories, such as a lace bralette, choker necklace, belt, leather cross-body bag and suede booties complete the look.

This fall-transition look shows that wearing all neutral tones can be chic by incorporating clothing with various layers and textures. To deal with the unpredictable climate of the fall, try adding jackets, vests and shawls to your look. My favorites include jackets in denim and leather, vests in faux fur and shawls in wool or cable-knit. Layers are practical and adorable way to amplify any outfit. In mixing staple pieces in this look, such as a white T-shirt and black booties, with trendy items such as the corduroy skirt and black shawl, I was able to create an outfit that would keep anyone feeling cute and comfortable during this season of fluctuating temperatures.