WHAT TO WEAR: Lighten Up A Little

An Oregon winter is confusing to say the least. One day it will be sunny and 60 degrees, then 35 degrees and raining the next day. In a climate that is so unpredictable, it is important to have tons of transition clothes in your closet. Mix the crazy weather with long days and 8am classes, and you’ll find yourself falling in love with a uniform of sweats and Uggs. Don’t get me wrong I am all for comfort, but if you look your great you’ll undoubtedly feel better! And I promise, there is a way to look for class without compromising your warmth or sleep!

My suite mate Kiara is the perfect Fashionista to show you how to have it all. She balances 8 a.m.s, hard classes, her sorority, and making YouTube videos all the while looking amazing! My favorite part of this outfit is that she added light colors into the seemingly endless and drab winter with a cream turtleneck and a blush bomber jacket that even has a super cozy sherpa lining! And you can’t forget that sometimes you’re walking 20 minutes across campus, so white and gold Adidas sneakers are perfect to look wicked cute and not compromise the comfort of your feet. She then contrasted the whole outfit with a simple navy corduroy skirt to balance it out—which is perfect for those sporadic warmer winter days! If you don’t have the privilege of these surprise spring-like days, you could simply add a pair of tights to keep your legs warm!

Not only are all of these pieces super comfy and warm, but they’re perfect staple pieces every Fashionista should have in their closet. I also love that this outfit is so easy to throw on before class, since it is all neutrals you won’t have to worry about making sure all your colors match. All neutrals, no worries! So next time you’re in a hurry but still dying to wear something cute, reach for those cozy neutral staple pieces and you will start your day off feeling 100 percent better!