WHAT TO WEAR: Light Layers

Being a student can be tiring with the long hours sitting in lecture along with going to and from classes. Comfort and simplicity are key when navigating a college lifestyle. With knit sweaters being a staple for the wintertime, light layers are the perfect combo for school here in California. Lecture halls often times can be unpredictable with broken air conditioners or heaters that do not work.

A knit sweater is perfect for school because it is simple and easy to dress up or down. If it is colder, you can layer up with a scarf, utility jacket or a tank top inside. On the other hand, if class is warmer you can always un-layer and the holes in the knit will let it be more breathable in those stuffy lecture halls. Adding a statement necklace also allows you to dress up your outfit. If you don’t want something so large, chokers are also trending right now, and that is an easy way to add a little extra to your outfit. A utility jacket, on the other hand, is great to go against wintertime winds or insane air conditioning in lecture halls. Combat boots are simple to put on and great for walking around campus. They also are casual, yet not as casual as sneakers. Most combat boots have a zipper along the side or on the back, which makes it super easy when you are running late to class.

Comfy. Simple. Chic. Light layers with a knit sweater are the perfect combo for campus style.