WHAT TO WEAR: Library Lifestlye

November 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

Going to the library during your years in college is inevitable. It will happen no matter how long you push it off for, so why try to avoid it?  For many students, it’s a spot for late-night hangs with friends while trying to get ahead in their classes. For others, it’s a place to get some peace and quite while you cram multiple weeks of information into your brain the night before a big test. Whatever the case may be, the library always has a welcome mat to any and all students.

Before heading to the library, most people decide to throw on the first thing they see in their closet and head out the door, not caring how they look while studying. However, some see it as another opportunity to show off their style. Being comfortable while studying is a major key to the “library lifestyle.” Dressing stylish, yet comfortable can be a major confidence booster for some while studying. It gets you in the right mindset of believing you can and will be successful!

This Fashionista was spotted walking into the library doing just that! This Fashionista has found the perfect medium of laid back and comfortable, yet still found a way to show off her style! She chose to wear a comfortable black and white striped T-shirt dress from Brandy Melville and paired it with one of her favorite chokers from Nordstrom to add some of her own style to the ensemble. She added some adidas Superstars to her to finished off her look, making it the perfect “library look.”